When people hear the word “research chemicals” for the first time, it might sound like something scientific. A lot more people are familiar with its synonym, designer drugs. Designer drugs are becoming more popular because of various governments determined to keep updated with new innovations of all the research chemical laboratories around the world. The most famous of these drugs are already banned or will soon be banned.

What Are Research Chemicals?

Research chemicals, also called designer drugs, are a type of substance still under research which does not have a specific synthetic molecular structure. Scientists make various versions of these drugs from different compounds. There are a few reasons why they need to make different versions. One reason is that they are searching for a specific compound that has benefits. The developers of these substances are trying to find a loophole in the law by making new kinds of drugs that are unknown. These new drugs are not included in any law thus, making them legal.

What Do This Drugs Do?

Research chemicals are usually sold as mind-altering substances that can boost positive state of mind which can lead to creativity and broad-mindedness. Some take a few minutes to take effect and can have effects lasting for about 8 hours. For others, the effect takes in just a few seconds. According to a recent study, most people who purchase research chemicals depend on the sellers for dosage and effects. However, information provided is inaccurate and cannot be trusted. Further, individuals who take these kinds of drugs can experience numerous bad side effects such as hallucinations, fear and disorientation. Some even establish powerful character changes and can lead them to bad situations when those close to them develop safety concerns.

New Research Chemicals

Last 2004, a British team reported that synthetic drugs has reached the drug market in around England while the price of ecstasy significantly decreased. Synthetic drugs are more tempting to use since they are more powerful and they are not considered as illegal. Because of this, people can avail research chemicals legally and can have a potent high without worrying that they will be caught by the law. Research chemical manufacturers love to distribute these substances because they can charge a lot for it.

Are They Legal?

These drugs are usually new types of chemicals that are not that well known to the public. Therefore, governments do not really notice them until they get popular. The Dutch government have tried to ban them by stating that designer drugs are a kind of medicine. However, they are not, this is why the Dutch government lost their case at the European court. Ever since, research chemicals have been legal to sell around the Netherlands for the purpose of research and with the condition that it is not used for human consumption.

This limitations changes how these substances can be utilized and on how you can avail them as your possession. You can have own research chemicals and can sell them as long as they are not for human consumption.

Advantages of Research Chemicals

In order to understand the benefits of research chemicals we first need to know something. Research chemicals need to mimic substances that are already in our own body in order to have an effect on our brain.


Research chemicals such as 1-P-LSD and ALD-52 belong to this group. These drugs are used as antidepressants and can be used to improve creativity. Some drugs that belong to this group are also taken as a cure for migraine.


Cannabinoids may seem familiar to most of you. This is because these research chemicals are similar to cannabis. Cannabis usually gives a relaxed effect to its users but for cannabinoids, they give the body effects beneficial to health. A recent study even suggests that cannabinoids have the ability to cure cancer and they significantly reduce the risks of developing some forms of cancer. However, the only proven effect of cannabinoids is it reduces chronic pain. In addition, medical marijuana can reduce the burden of the symptoms of epilepsy and of Tourette’s syndrome. However, we must take not that all these advantages come from the plant and not from the laboratory-made cannabinoids. It is also important to take note that other research chemicals of the same spectrum have the same or better health benefits. To determine the true benefits of cannabinoids, we will need to have further research on its components first.


Empathogens are particularly helpful in the treatment of autism and psychotherapy. Some drugs that fall in this category are 6APB and MDMA. Another empathogen used for trauma treatment is XTC which is now in its final stages of research. This is commonly used by war veterans to heal their traumas during the war. It’s a sad oddity that one of the features of research chemicals is that there is little research done on them. This is why there is also little knowledge about them. When experts keep studying about research chemicals there will still be more health benefits to
uncover. Because of this, we should continue to pursue all kinds of research on these substances.

Other Advantages

More Research Done

Research chemicals undergo preclinical research during its development. This means there are more studies and researches performed on them than common drugs. This leads to more detailed data regarding its intake, its possible side effects and the compound that the drug is made from. All this data will make you feel more secure because everything is transparent about the medicine.

More Effective

Research chemicals are usually more potent than common drugs because they have a more concentrated composition that aids in helping fight the illness they are developed to overcome.

Disadvantages of Research Chemicals

Research chemicals also have bad effects on the body. This is enough reason to make them illegal when you use them or even just having it in your possession. The most common reason why research chemicals get banned is that it is abused as a party drug which can have really bad consequences on the body. For example, the designer drug GHL which is greatly similar to the less harmful drug GHB. GHL has been confirmed as irritating to the human skin and ingesting it can burn your esophagus.

Today, the internet has been shocked by the effects of the psychedelic drug called Flakka because of its psychotic effects. If you’ve seen the news, people who ingested this drug behave like zombies in the movies. There has been
little understanding of this drug because there has been little research involved. This is the most banned research chemical across the world.

Why Only Little Research Is Done?

Ironically, only limited research is done on synthetic drugs. Research has been hard to do since there are new variations coming out constantly. For that reason, it is really difficult to understand the effects of these drugs on your health. Additionally, it is also difficult to find the exact effects of designer drugs on test subjects, whether it’s a guinea pig or a test person. Regular drug tests are unreliable and old tests are not compatible with the new variants.

This is also the reason why some people experiment with research chemicals. By creating newer variants, they can avoid getting caught with drug tests. For example, an XTC variant of 6-APB will never give a positive result on any existing drug tests. This means an MDMA user may get sentenced in court and even lose their driver’s license while an XTC user can freely drive along the road. This definitely brings danger to the community.

By this time, you ought to know what research chemicals are and what type role they play in our lives. Are you in favor or against research chemicals? Should they totally ban all this substances and stop researching about them? Depending on the country we live in, this choice is does not depend on them anymore.

Get Help If Addicted

There are still no particular treatments that can be provided to individuals who abuse research chemicals. For serious abusers, medications can be given for relief. These so called multi-drug abusers usually have chemical imbalances in their bodies as a consequence of their addictions. However, there are numerous medications that can still cure these imbalances and put the individual to the healthy path. Usually, the medicines are given in combination of therapies such as counseling. By discussing the addiction from a psychological outlook and chemical point of view, the real healing can start. Additionally, since synthetic drug abuse is meticulously associated to homelessness and poverty, individuals who exploit these substances can benefit from extensive drug programs that aim to correct mistakes in life and remove factors that can end into addiction. If these individuals find a decent job and a safe community to live in, they will less like be involved in drug addiction. This could be really helpful to someone who is fighting against drug abuse such as research chemicals.